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Self-discovery channel

For all our free wisdom!

What our podcast is about:

It’s mainly about self-discovery, the question WHO AM I? I want to show people what's out there in the self-development world.

I also want to share stories of people who took the journey of self-discovery to 'WHO AM I' and changed everything around because of it . There are so many different ways in the self-development world, they all basically say the same, but teach it in different ways. That’s ok, because there are also many different people in the world! It’s up to them to feel what resonates .

So that’s the goal of the podcast, giving people tools IF they are looking for self-discovery.

I have two different viewing points in the podcast so listeners can experience both sides:

  • the teacher that helps with the teachings to self-discovery

  • the student part, the ones who did it and changed everything around because of it and eventually became teachers

A teacher episode is to inspire people, to help people look at themselves , help them to start with self-discovery and look for something that fits for them. In these episodes we look at different kinds of teaching of self-discovery

A student episode is to inspire people who are too scared or don't believe that it is possible etc... These episodes will be the students who changed themselves, by working on themselves and asked the question ‘WHO I AM’ or started the journey of self-discovery or whatever you want to call it. Mostly this question comes when we hit our lowest point in life; this can be with disease, trauma’s, divorce, bankruptcy, curiosity or something else.

So listeners can hear both sides of the self-development world.

My big ‘WHY’ is that people know that there are so many different ways of self-discovery and they can see examples of this transformational power that actually is inside of them. This self-discovery journey of mine was such a gift; it changed my life around in ways I never could IMAGINE! Now, I WANT to share this gift with the world, that all the answers you need are inside of you. It’s up to you to discover them and it doesn’t matter in which way you do the self-discovery.

Just decide which one you'll start with and take the journey of ‘WHO AM I’.

Well thank you for your precious time and please tell me, in which episode do you want to shine your wisdom in?

Send me an e-mail: silvia@healyourselfconnection.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Peace & Love, Silvia