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What we're all about:

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my website! I've build this website for people who are looking for themselves. Those who are looking for solutions from within.


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I've created HealYourSelfConnection, because I came to the conclusion that self-connection was the most important factor in my journey (link to about).

Taking this path of self-discovery changed my world totally in ways I never could imagine! It has been such a gift for me that I want to share this with the world. There are so many different ways in the self-development world, they all basically say the same thing, but teach it in different ways.

That’s ok, because there are also many different people in the world! It’s up to you to feel what resonates the best with you and it doesn’t matter in which way you do the self-discovery. Just decide which one you'll start and take the journey of ‘WHO AM I’.

You are, and always will be, the author of your life. You decide what will be written in your next chapter.

This website is designed to bring you inspiration, to help guide you and to support you as you find your own path in your personal self-discovery journey towards a better, more fulfilled life. Your life!

I wish you all the best!